Sunday, June 10, 2007

Theo Jansen: A Good Argument for Reincarnation - Kinetic Sculpture

Here's something that Wade Furlong passed along to me.
This makes me question whether I'm doing the right kind of work. I can think of no other parallel to this genius except perhaps Leonardo da Vinci. I hope you enjoy!

Richard T Scott


Unknown said...

I beleive this is exactly the type of Artistic Engineering the species needs to focus on for transportation development for the next Generation. If we could somehow take the power from Corp giants and give it to the creationists (spare no expense) wecould possibly solve all Man-kind's Un-Natural, Anti-harmonic, Issues.

Braden said...

what a unique gentleman. Is this the way sculpture should go in order to prove some sort of validity? I think of the big orange or red sculptures that can often be found in public places (there is on at the city hall stop on the 4,5,6 subway line, if i remember correctly). Were these once considered innovative as the Kinetic sculptor so obviously is? It is a difficult task to make a large non-representational sculpture eye-catching and dynamic. This gentleman has done it, I think that Richard Serra did it with his torqued ellipses. What is needed to make sculpture fresh and interesting?