Friday, August 24, 2007

Hail to the Chief

Here’s what a Baghdad schoolteacher had to say to Bush after this morning’s news of civilians dying in Iraq and Afghanistan:


Sir Bush,
Each time I see you on TV, waving and smiling, I start imagining that I am asking you,”Do you watch TV? “What is your favorite show?"

I wonder if you watch the news everyday, the reports about your ‘democracy’ in Iraq, the progress and stability you have given to Iraq. You speak to your military ‘heroes’ and insist that your mission is going well.

It is not only you SIR...there are millions of you in this world who are able to smile while millions of children are crying because of the fear you have forced upon them. Many of them were orphaned. Women choke back their tears unable to describe their sadness and you smile easily. Men like you who deprive women of husband, son, or brother every hour can smile easily, I guess.

This means either you are happy for their grief or you have no idea about what is happening (which is impossible to me to believe).

Laugh higher Sir. I heard the news today. The Iraqi children are drinking dirty water because there is no water in the pipes. More women and men are homeless—squatting in the ruins of a bombed houses or buildings. More bombed cars kill at least 50 civilians every day. Neighboring houses received more idle refugees driven from their homes by crazed militias.

Giggle higher Sir. It is easy to steal children's laughter. It is very easy to cut down water and electricity; easier than providing them to the needy people of Iraq.

Laugh Sir. It is your big day. You see your accomplished mission turning an entire nation into ruins. Widows are suffering day and night. Men are hopeless and pathetic. What kind of human beings you are?

Does your conscious hurt you for the Iraqi woman who lost her five sons all at once? Your phony promises of a free Iraq: more children going to school, more electricity, more jobs for men…

What is your feeling when so many American citizens demand your impeachment?

How do you feel when a person, one American person feels shame because of you?

If you really feel all of that you won’t smile. You won’t be proud. You won’t even wave any more, I guess.

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Denise Williams said...

I salute this woman. I know I should be scared to death to do such, but I agree with what she says.

Further I wonder how a president who stole two elections and causes such harm around the world can still be in office. It makes me wonder if the American people ever really impeached a president as we presumably did Nixon for Watergate, or if it was only the president’s peers who did that. As Bush is still in office, after widely broadcasting the two elections which were stolen by him, I guess it doesn’t say much for his peers, or the powerless American people who are learning what really happened on 9-11.

What really amazed me was how New Mexico was said to have been pro-Bush in the elections. I guess it never makes the news about all the protestors who are incarcerated when he comes to visit this state. It’s such a travesty that NM is considered pro-Bush. Gosh, if this were the case, I’d hate to see what happens when our president visits states he’s not popular in.

New York City said...

I think the reason the American people put up with him has to do with fear and ignorance.

Increasingly our children are not being educated by schools (the school system is failing us) but by television, video games, and internet mass-media.

Even the generation voting now experienced the decline in education coupled with the increase in dramatization on television. The news, movies, tv shows... increasingly focus on frightening stories to an extreme. 9-11 was simply the punctuation that sealed Bush's power. He simply claimed that he would keep the people safe (as did Hitler, by the way).

Check out the documentary Bowling for Columbine

Denise Williams said...

Our education President, Mr. W Bush, what a travesty to say the least. Education in America was declining before he came in and has eroded exponentially since. It seems his only interest is in ruining this country as well every other one he’s able to for whatever excuse he’s able to contrive.

Regarding political views, everyone I know, or have encountered, is afraid to state their view. Not only did we have a fine example of consequences suffered in our presumably uncensored media for those professional having conflicting views, loosing their jobs and such, but the private citizens of America suffered dire consequences as well. I have great fear writing this and putting it on public display, though I really say nothing except to point out that never has this country experienced such media control ever in history. I think it points to the direction we’re moving in, a police state.