Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Teaching Philosophy of Steven LaRose

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Teaching is a performance art.
Teaching is a craft.
Leading by example, I hope to develop a sense of wonder and inquiry.
We live within the shadow of a potentially black and white endgame.
I believe that we must cultivate a Culture of Grey.
A Culture of the Shadow would perpetuate the infinite appreciation for variables and relativity.
I would like to teach Creating Order from Chaos (and vice versa)
I would like to teach The Fundamentals of Context
I want to teach a class called: Set and Setting
Don’t be afraid of accidents
Look at the dog before you look at the fleas
Wisdom comes from experience, and experience comes from making mistakes
There is such a thing as vicarious learning
It is ok to change your mind, heck, it is essential!
Sometimes, you simply have to just “do” and figure it out later, while other times it is wise to step back and figure out what the #%$@ is going on.
To be good at Anything we must learn to plan our improvisations.
I want to teach the fine nuances of Doubt.
I want to teach the feeling of throwing caution into the wind.
I want to teach the moment when a mistake becomes a brainstorm.
I want to maintain a sense of wonder and expectation
Practice and discipline are essential in making things appear naturally.

Steven LaRose

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Steven LaRose said...

This gave me a shock. I came here to see something other then me me me.
Thanks though. Incidentally, I wrote this for an adjunct two term fill in job at our local Southern Oregon University.