Friday, April 11, 2008

Odd Nerdrum Painting Process

Here are some photos of Odd Nerdrum's painting "Bleeding Heart" in progress. My friend Robert Dale Williams, who studied with Nerdrum, kindly sent them to me. I've invited him to participate on Art Babel, so hopefully soon, he'll be available if you have any questions.

Since this posting, I have studied with Nerdrum myself and will be returning this summer and fall to continue my studies. Feel free to ask questions, and keep checking the site as I will be adding more postings of my experiences in his studio.
-Richard T Scott


Jacques de Beaufort said...


how are things Richard ?


New York City said...

You know, trying to juggle way too many things at once, but I'm enjoying the spring.

How about you?

H.Ryland said...

Hi there. I am going to be studying with him as well. I sent my info over to the Forum Gallery and I am waiting to hear from him, or Turrid. What can you tell me about his process, his palette, how he works and what is he like?


New York City said...

Hi Ryland,

You can see another post I did on Odd called "Concept to Composition" that has some information.

As far as his palette, it depends on the painting. While I've been around he's using:

White + Mars yellow
Brilliant Yellow
Vermilion + yellow ochre
Chinese Vermilion
Venetian Red
mars yellow + black
Green Umber
Black + White
Naval Blue
Brown Ochre Deep
Black + Vermilion
Mars Black

Contrary to what I've heard, my experience with Odd has been very pleasant. Other people warned me before I left that he was an overbearing, arrogant ass. And he is incredibly confident, but I wouldn't say arrogant. He often asks your opinion on things. One thing I noticed that people might misinterpret is that often he jokes with people and they don't realize it. As you might guess, he's a rather witty guy.

Maybe I'll see you around when you get to Odd's place. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

you might want to check out my page on his technique.

odd nerdrum technique pages

Christopher McElhinney said...

I'm assuming the painting is from his head i.e. he's studied artistic anatomy to a pint he's working with out models? is this true?

New York City said...

Hi Christopher,

Excellent observation. He actually works from his head as well as several different models. That is, that the same figure in a painting might have 6 or 8 different people modeling for it and a great deal of work that he does from his vast store of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Hi. i´m planning to go to study with Nerdrum and have a few questions.

-Do I have to pay him for the lessons?

-Where do the students stay while studing there?in a hotel?guest room?

-HOw long do students stay? a month or two, a year?

Thanks for answer.

New York City said...

Hi Vincent,

Odd doesn't charge anything. If you're accepted as a student, you will stay in a guest room and learn according to the apprenticeship system, which means that you would help stretch canvases and model, etc... most students stay between six weeks and three months.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions Richard. I have one more.

Which is the best time of the year to go to Nerdrum´s lessons? I've heard that he lives in Iceland and in Paris and that he is constantly moving.


Matias Roig said...

Richard , im very grateful for all the invaluable information you give.
Im a nerdrum fan, i think is the best painter of all i knew at the moment.
I looking at your your and it's great too, congratulations for ll your work!!