Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nerdrum Institute

The Nerdrum Institute has been established to handle the art and business affairs of the Norwegian master Odd Nerdrum. One of its goals is to facilitate museum exhibitions worldwide while allowing Nerdrum to focus on his work. The Institute has all rights to sale of his work.

“We are three people who think Nerdrum is the world’s greatest contemporary painter, and who are willing to use time on his art world in this way,” former gallery owner and art dealer Bjørn Li told newspaper Aftenposten. Li has written several articles on Nerdrum, and is joined at the institute by Allis Helleland, former head of Oslo’s National Gallery, and Kjell Endre Wenstad, who ran Kunsthuset in Oslo along with Li.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing... Allis Helleland is a former director of "Statens Museum for Kunst" and helped to fill it with junk! Change with the times to prevent change.