Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Among the Ruins

Hope in the Post-Industrial Autumn
Among the Ruins
Civilizations, like the cycle of life and death; grow, flourish, mature and decay. This is as true for every being as it is for entire cultures.

Among the Ruins is an unflinching meditation upon the plight of the nuclear family in a post-industrial world. Equally disturbing and emotively driven, these works seem to breath vision into the eloquent and sightless verbal wasteland of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

In this body of work, Miller reflects upon the ruins of a concrete empire, following the collapse of the machinery of State. Stunning in scope, his mechanized wilderness is populated by effigies who draw their only nourishment from their love of each other. The new hope embodied by their children is emphasized in a conceptual contraposto, silhouetted against the corpse of the urban jungle.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Yet, as the darkest day of winter is also the beginning of the sun's return, these families are the first to begin rebuilding their society and sewing the seeds of bright and distant future.

In an era, entombed by the collapsed modern-industrial complex of the twentieth century, not unlike the collapse of Classical Europe after WWI, we can reflect upon what has passed, while envisioning the ground plowed before us, fertile and receptive to germinate a new way of life.

Read as a whole, this body of work tells a compelling narrative of renewal, rebirth, regeneration - in which the best natures of man, and the natural world might return to harmony and balance... but ultimately, the end of this story is left up to the viewer.

-by Richard T Scott

Among the Ruins    Nov 10th, 2012     Copro Gallery
Bergamot Arts Complex, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, Santa Monica

End of the Road
The Lookout

The Lotus Eater


Anonymous said...

They are too well fed to be taken seriously!

Safe Ingredients said...

mind blowing ...
feel their pain in my eyes

New York City said...

So, it must be an absolutely "true" representation of "reality" to be taken seriously?

Anonymous said...

i love the colors

Anonymous said...

i love the colors

Unknown said...

Wow! So great! It's really a set of wonderful paintings! So real and interesting!