Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stories I heard from artists

A few stories I heard from artists. I will share with you.

1. Potential Buyer:

One day an art lover or maybe a potential buyer visited my artist friend Mr. L at his studio. As he admired the paintings he asked Mr. L how much they were. When Mr. L told him he was shocked. Two thousand dollars for a piece of watercolor on paper? The buyer thought that was unbelievably expensive. So, he then calculated the material cost of the painting and concluded that it could not feasibly exceed 20 dollars.

"How much is a piece of paper?" the buyer asked, " How much are those colors? Why are your paintings are so expensive?"

Mr. L, angry, then answered, "You know what, you can find out for yourself. Go to the Art Material Shop around the corner, and remember to say this: 'I am Mr. L's friend'."

Mr. L continued, "Normally, artists and students get 10% discount at this shop. If you mention my name, you get 20% loyalty discount immediately. You can get all the necessary colors, brushes and paper at wonderful prices. Then go home and make your low cost masterpieces for yourself."

2. Abstract Art

One day a collector brought a curator to visit an artist. The curator saw some pieces he really liked lying against a wall in the corner. He then praised the artist in front of the collector.

"Hey, you know, these are the best pieces you have ever made. I really love them very much! You are such a wonderful abstract painter."

So, I thought the artist would be very happy to hear that, so when I told him he responded, "That curator was an idiot. I spent 40 years trying to perfect my skills as a painter and he never blinked an eye, but those 'abstract paintings' that he loved so much were just left-over paint on my palettes."

ADVICE: Remember to keep your palettes for curators’ interest. Use paper palettes so that they are easier to keep.

by Woon Lam Ng

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Braden said...

Good story. I think that i will follow your advice.