Sunday, May 27, 2007


I want to take the opportunity to welcome our new contributors. There are certainly many of them so I won't go down the list. I also want to invite you to speak your mind. Woon and I have posted a few things to get the site started.

But this is not my forum, I have my own blog.

This is for you.

I know we will disagree about some things. Especially me, I'm quite aware that I'm a verbose, pedantic, pedagogue <---- great example right there :) , but hopefully you can set me straight. I think that disagreement is the heart of the matter. It makes for interesting dialogue - as long as we respect one another (and I know we all do). So, thanks for an incredible experience. I hope we can create many more. Warm regards, Richard Scott


Ng Woon Lam said...
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Ng Woon Lam said...

No problem. More fun to have some disagreement. If everyone agrees with each other, there is nothing to discuss.

Good to see more people are invited into this forum.

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