Friday, July 20, 2007

Good intro into persian culture

Persepolis - Teaser 1

Ali Banisadr


Drink, Memory said...

That's really interesting man. I only understood half of what they were saying, but it was cool nonetheless.... I got the gist of it.
Do you think it's kind of a portrait of the persian youth - which is more open minded, while the older generations are stoic traditionalists? Or is that not an accurate description?

If so, I see a similarity in all the cultures I've encountered. It seems that the youth see culture in a relativistic fashion, understanding the intricate interwoven cultures of the world global society. The older generations, because they tend not to access global media, are more intrenched in their respective habits.

New York City said...

Just so you know. I posted that last one, I was on my wife Memoree's computer and didn't realize that it was logged in under her name.

(She thinks that my language is particularly masculine and wouldn't want anyone to think that she speaks that way.)