Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sad Irony of Hope


Jacques de Beaufort said...

America is starting to mean less and less..that's the interesting thing about the one world-nation theory. I see it very clearly as a professor in one of the most diverse areas of America..that Nationalism is really antiquated..that really the only thing that can be said to truly be 'American" is our miltary force. The rest is a multinational late-capitalist field of anomie. The future is at once liberating and terrifying..just like the past and the present.

Nationalism although a means of terror and a vehicle of hatred..could possibly dissolve..but to what affect?

New York City said...

I completely agree.

Idealistically, I think of a unified world as both inevitable and hopeful.
There would be many positive changes.
However, I also see some major flaws in the idea of a world society. One being the gradual loss of cultural diversity - which is already occurring due to the exportation of national corporations in America, Europe, China, etc...Economic colonialism during a time of globalization.

Apart from my aesthetic views on cultural dominance, I think it's detrimental for the survival of humanity. We require diversity to adapt in changing environments (and we certainly are at the beginning of such a change). Being social creatures we require cultural diversity in the same way that we require genetic diversity.

What is the relative weight of each? Is there room for compromise?