Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Moment

It is hard for me to write about my own works keeping distance and the objectivity at the same time. So I realize that what you will read can be completely different from it, what really you will be thinking about them.

I am a bit of a surrealist, a bit of a portrait painter and something even more unspecified in what I do. Very man, as the topic, has always interested, however I am trying to determine this only moment, in which it alone is the most apart from the entire uniqueness of human character still with oneself, is revealing the uncontrollable inner life for his personality living in the very moment most intensively. It can be the moment of creating, the moment of staying in some surroundings, whether finally savouring one's body. Hedonism and the humility, distance and the closeness, everything it is making the image of the man up. Surreal World is being craved very much here, he is heightening the word through the unlimited amount of solutions, often surprising.

This "moment" has been accompanying me for ages in my works. Beginning the adventure with the drawing from normal painting portraits of people, through desire for expressing something more, to the attempt to show the entire complexity of situation, in the end till the shift techniques not to say fields of art established me. I mean stained glass in which I have only recently started being found which having the limitation with unique technology is causing that the form is becoming even more literal and strong.

Here are a few words about my art. I'm counting on constructive criticism....
The rest of them you can see on my website:

Maciej Gador


Denise Williams said...

Maciej, there is something soft, delicate, poetic in your art which leaves one contemplating long after the meaning of your pieces. I personally have never witnessed a surrealist executing such profound visual statements.

Many things come to mind when viewing your work: the element of joy and experience of human existence, intimate moments expressed; the feeling of being at one with the world; the deepest pleasure of all at being alone. What if the world moved only in cherished private moments feeling deeply the love that created them?

Your work is harmony, melody, and iambic pentameter – the silent music that flows within the soul. I feel you have expressed the Tao of Life.

Words fall short of what I am able to communicate in the power of your work, for how does one describe the joy of life expressed in its purest moments?

True art has the power to move the soul, an achievement you make appear so simple, like life.

Maciej Gador said...

Thank you, Denise! You just feel what I mean... Those private moments that's exactly my life- I try to reveal them from many others and take them as a superior rank.

New York City said...

This is such a beautiful piece. You have a nice balance between the narrative and the iconic, and I think this gives you such stillness.

The only constructive criticism I could offer deals with the motif of the little branches with red leaves. They appear all to be the same twig repeated across the painting. It might be more effective to vary each one a bit more in size and shape. Because the red effectively leads the eye, but the repetition without variation might be a little redundant.

Maciej Gador said...

Thank you for comment, Richard.I just want to show these leaves as a symbolic feature. I've chosen on purpose the red hue because of its intensivity and a power of influence. They're a kind of signes, sth catching your eye... They're a gyrating substitute of Sower's creation process. It's exactly the same like a rain - every drops are the same but if you look on particular drop you'll see completely difference. If I show them like all other leaves and branches in the work, they would lose their individuality which is in repeatability...

Denise Williams said...

The Sower of Trees dances with the joy of life because he sows family trees, thus his red jacket, red for the blood line of his family. The red leaves because like every drop of rain, every drop of blood is the same color. If we could all dance with him, the Sower of Trees, we would live in harmony.

So it is that Bryan Sykes of Oxford University has traced 95% of all people living in Europe back to one of seven women who lived approximately 11,000 to 45,00 years ago. He estimates that there are 36 clans around the world. We are all brother and sister, one blood, likely one family tree, but yet you wouldn’t know it by the way we act – the way we treat each other.

This family tree we have, our universal blood pulsing throw our veins, beating as one heart amongst billions, is no more important to us than our water. We defile both. If we cannot have war, we war among ourselves.

I would rather have the life of brotherhood that is so eloquently stated in the Sower of Trees.

Denise Williams said...

I apologize for my Freudian slip, I said throw instead of through – probably because I’m tired of people throwing things at me for my skin color ☺.