Saturday, April 4, 2009

Abbott Handerson Thayer, US boston painter. 1849-1921

Abbott H Thayer brings symphonic color composition to painting. Thayer was strongly connected to nature, color, and aesthetics. His studies on nature brought his friendship (and eventual discord) with FDR, and the invention of camouflage. He thought of women as strong innocent characters, morally clean, and felt were often construed as sexual play toys in the eyes of other painters, such as Boldini or Bonnat. He was a sensitive man, who cared

deeply for his family, and home schooled his children. Thayer was strongly
connected with the ideal and thought Camera-school painters did disservice to representational art, Thayer did use photography but heavily altered it to fit his ideals. There is already much documented on Thayer's life and work so I need not write more, I only suggest you see his work at one of the various museums around the US.
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New York City said...

Thanks for this great post! I think Thayer is certainly under-represented.

Unknown said...

One of my favorites.