Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lendvai continued

I found another shot of the installation. Perhaps a bit more interesting. I think the the fact that it's in grey makes it more "site-specific" to the color design of Art Babel. Does it change anything?


Steven LaRose said...

I thought that that was a really cool photograph of a balsa wood model of the gallery.

I'd have to walk through it, smell it, swing around and wide angle while testing the acoustics.

Installation art is hard. . . I don't get why people even try. . . we're not even close to understanding sculpture, let alone entire environments.

I can't pass judgment.
Installation art is just like any really cool thing. . . you had to be there.

New York City said...

You have a very good point. And perhaps the fact that installation art has such a brief history - the dialogue lacks a clear vocabulary in our culture. Perhaps this is why many people don't respond to it.

We've been acculturated to painting for 40,000 years, sculpture for around the same amount of time, though perhaps not in as dominant a manner. Film draws on the history of drama, music, art,... but installation as art is a relative new-born. It relates to sculpture in its physicality, but doesn't seem to share the vocabulary. At least, I can't seem to describe it in terms of sculpture.

New York City said...

In a meaningful way, that is.