Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Vincent Desiderio, Sleep 8' x 24'


Jacques de Beaufort said...

hey Richard
you teach figure painting, right?
Do your have any of your curriculum online?
I'm trying to figure out how to explain glazing to oil painting newbies..while dealing with the FIGURE !

This class is a CHALLENGE !
Love to see how others have approached it..

New York City said...

I don't have one online, but I'll tell you what, I would be happy to post some exercises here. If you could give me a bit more information I think I could give you some more specific info.

Exactly how new are they to oil painting? Is this their first painting class? What about drawing, Charcoal?

New York City said...

Also, how long to you plan to focus on the technique? Are you looking for a quick introduction, or to thoroughly build them up to it?

Steven LaRose said...

Sorry for the late addition.
But you asked for it.
The most successful lesson that I had in glazing went this way:

I handed out, as homework, swatches that the students had to match. I didn't tell them that the swatches had an order.

There was a uniform color swatch, much like a paint chip (here the students simply honed their mixing skills)

There was a swatch that was the first color scumbled with medium to show the white of the canvas peaking through in an organic and random way. This was a technique lesson.

There was a third swatch that had a warm glaze over a version of the second swatch.

Then a fourth swatch with a cool glaze over the third swatch.

Four levels of optical confusion is all that most rookies can handle.